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Tylor Stewart


With my apprenticeship and tattooing I've been in the industry around eleven years now. I trained under Jim locker and Clifton Boggs. This is my fourth year as a member of the national tattoo association, which I have attended numerous classes and seminars. I received my first tattoo roughly 18 years ago and I immediately became intrigued with the art and the process. I started hanging out in the tattoo shop a lot and before I knew it, I was sweeping floors, making needles, building tattoo machines, and everything else involved in the learning process. I enjoy painting flash and my own tattoo designs. I would consider myself well rounded in different styles and art forms of tattooing , but my favorite, Would have to me the American traditional style . I have always loved the designs and Boldness of the finished product. When I think of actual tattoo art that is the style I think of
And admire the most. I believe in knowing how to do things the old way and that there is a reason that way has held up over all these years.

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