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Jimmy "The Hammer" Locker

Owner and Lead Tattoo Artist

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember . I was heavily influenced by comic book art at a relatively early age , I remember waiting on new issues to come in the drug store every Tuesday and I used to buy them for a hard earned twenty five cents! I used to try to copy and draw all my favorites . In school I always excelled and gravitated toward art! In my second year of college I wondered if art would be where i would try to make a living . I was encouraged by my professor at Ashland college to not give up in art! I always dabbled in art , in the mid eighties I started to really apply myself in colored pencil , acrylic painting and airbrushing. After about 7 years of airbrushing I got into a tattoo shop just airbrushing at first then I got interested in the craft of tattooing , I did learn the basics and the industry was so secret it seemed back then. After a couple years I opened "Hammer's Tattoo .... The name was given by a Biker Bob Schnur. It was 1995! Been going strong ever since! I furthered my knowledge of the tattooing industry by attending tattoo seminars at tattoo conventions ,asking questions ,meeting people and reading books! I've been a member of the "National Tattoo Association" for 16 years . I now teach for the National Safety Council in the class of Bloodbourne pathogens and infectious disease control , first aid , CPR and Aed. I've seen the constant change in styles and its more creative then ever! I'm excited to be a part of this growing diverse culture of moving art. I have favorite tattoo artists that I follow , far too many to mention along with other classic artists that I say helped me grow as an artist myself . My style is to be as versatile as possible, I try not to limit myself and I like doing a lot of freehand stuff .... I like both color and black work ... Most of all I like to make my clients happy!

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